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RVing Singles GTG – Walterboro, SC

I belong to a group for single RVers to talk and enjoy each other’s company without spouses getting uptight or anyone looking for a date. It is not a dating group. We have a chatroom and MSN group online where we exchange info, issues, and solutions about RVing alone. Now and then someone plans a GTG (get together) somewhere and anyone who can attends the week long event. Since I happened to be in the area this year, I joined the East Coast GTG this week.

One thing you need to know, there is lots and lots of food at these so bring food that can be shared. If you can cook and barbecue, great! If not, bring what you can for someone else to cook. Dinner last night was made up of leftovers and I will take their leftovers anytime. It was delicious. The people are very genial and even went so far as to run out during dinner to offer help to a woman who was just coming into the park alone and trying to get her huge Class A into a spot. Of course they also made sure to invite her to dinner and chat her up to get her home state, etc. LOL

They actually have a banner they send to each GTG to be signed by all the attendees. They add little decorations for each GTG as well to it.

Rving singles banner

Several of them went sight seeing together in Charleston. We all went out to the local barbecue joint nearby for a very delicious dinner one night. There was plenty of checking out each other’s RVs as well. Of course there was the obligatory campfire and chatting.

I managed to slip away one night for some night geocaching in downtown historic Walterboro. Good music was playing at the bar nearby and filled the search area with heavenly notes on a lovely warm evening. The large waterfall and memorial in the heart of the district certainly added to the fun as did walking along and window browsing the antique stores. I succeeded in my mission easily. No I won’t tell you where it was. Think magnetic but not on the usual metal. I also found the one out by the hospital fit walk though I may have frightened a poor nurse who was walking it at the time with my stealthy ways. Oh well. Being sneaky is part of the fun. 🙂

Before leaving, I made a point of hitting up the Cracker Barrel nearby for some old fashioned candy sticks. Came across a Petco too for a new catnip bag for the Dang Cat. Both were necessary. Tee hee.

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