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More Changes

Another weekend off and time for more changes before I hit the road again soon. 😉

I got the remote to activate the door locks and horn for my new SUV. I hadn’t thought I would need it but there are no keylocks on the passenger doors so I was having to open the front doors to unlock those doors which was getting a bit annoying. I’m definitely enjoying it.

My son has added a backup camera by VR-3.com that I bought at Walmart for the rear of the SUV. The new vehicle has cargo doors in the rear which now block my view of my hitching rods unless I leave both rear doors open. Not too crazy about leaving the doors open so I now have a very sharp color camera that shows me a great shot of my hitch and everything else while backing. It might also save some fool at the shopping center if they walk behind me while backing and I can safely back quite close to other objects now if needed. Installation was not difficult since the camera (installed on the license plate) and 2.5 inch monitor (velcroed on the dash and using 12V outlet) communicate wirelessly.

I have changed the old style screen door handle out to a modern one. The old style looks like a hook and you pull it to the side to get in and out. This seems to cause a great deal of confusion for my visitors and I’m tired of having to teach them how to use it. The new style is a normal handle you push down on.

My aluminum blind behind my bed is now anchored at the bottom to the wall. This pulls it in tighter against the wall thus blocking more sunlight from coming in while I sleep during the day.

I have added a see-through curtain in the SUV behind the front seats. This will allow the dang cat to run around in the back while I’m driving yet keep her away from me for safety. She is too old to keep riding in a small cage with no water or food and we will be driving long hours now that we are starting our US tour.

I am also adding a holder for my full-size ironing board on the wall, a lock on the spare tire, and better trailer door restraints to hold the doors open on windy days. I thought I would try out some sewer hose caps too.

For my cat, who is quite skittish around other people and keeps jumping down behind the couch where she is then trapped, I have decided to give in and cut a small door in the panel that goes across the front of the couch to hide the storage underneath. I’m going to make her a little cat house underneath there to escape to when she is scared or snoopy.

For me personally, I got a very long shoe horn to put my slip-on shoes on and and a plastic half-tube on a rope to put my socks on without having to bend over. They both hang nicely within reach on the wall with the stick-on hooks I used in a previous post. Simple ideas like these really make life easier for us older or handicapped folks and I sure wish I had these when I was pregnant!

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