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January Quartzsite News

Just before New Year’s, the park finally started filling up here in Blythe and many more vendors showed up in Quartzsite. From what I saw yesterday, we will still have a great swap meet this year despite the slump in pre-sales and expected slump in post-sales. The gem dealer areas and swap meet areas at Tyson Wells and Rice Ranch have filled in very nicely with tents and stalls everywhere and plenty of wares to browse. The swap meet area by the post office in town is looking much better and the grocery store tent there is open. Lots of new and used RVs for sale are now available to consider that next lifestyle upgrade or downsizing. The area is now in full swing. The big tent opens Jan. 21-29, 2012.

Quartzsite 2012 Rice RanchQuartzsite Trailer TrashQuartzsite Consignment Dealer

Quartzsite Consignment DealerQuartzsite Rox-UniqueTools and stuff

Tyson Wells VendorsFlags flyingTyson Wells Traffic

Traffic through Tyson Wells is also now slow and the parking around there as well as up by the post office is now crowded. Many more rigs are out on the BLM areas this week and we can see several groups out there.

For more pics click here.

Pics will continue to be added to as the season goes on.

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