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It's Amazon Prime Day!

Today is Prime Day on Amazon.com. Wahoo! That means there are wonderful deals galore TODAY ONLY like having Black Friday in July. If you are a Prime Member (and why wouldn’t you be!), you can shop till you drop today with new deals constantly revolving in every few minutes today. Find something you like and grab it but be sure to note the time left on it and check out before it is up. Not a Prime Member? Get a free trial for 30 days to check out the savings. Canceling online is easy if you change your mind.

Many RV parks will accept UPS packages or you can have items sent to your mail service or a friend. I have never tried shipping from Amazon to General Delivery myself so if anyone knows if that works, please let me know.

I just bought an Instant Pot 7-in-1 rice steamer, browner, yogurt maker, pressure cooker, etc for more than $40 off! That will cut my cooking time way down and generate less heat in my already hot RV this summer. Who even uses the RV oven anymore? I blame Chris Yust and her dang Facebook posts of pictures of meals she has cooked in one for getting me even thinking about getting one of these. You can blame me. 😉

I also see great deals on Amazon Kindles and Kindle Fires. I LOVE my Kindle Fire for reading books, playing games, reading email, browsing websites, and even managing my own websites on the go. When my hands are busy, it reads the newspaper or books to me with built in text-to-speech. Is that cool or what?!

If you are an avid reader or an avid researcher like me, Kindle Unlimited yearly subscriptions are also on sale today. Instead of paying $9.99 a month for it, get it today for only around $80 for a whole year! That’s 33% off. AWESOME! Check out 10 ebooks at a time to read free and there are tons of books in this program on any subject you can imagine as well as lots of fiction to enjoy in a hammock by the lake.

Don’t miss this!

Note: I am an affiliate of Amazon and any links included in this post are affiliate links which do not cost you a thing extra but do provide me with a small commission if you enter through them.

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