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Hilton Head Island, SC

Gorgeous sunny day today so I headed for the island. Been a very long time since I have seen the Atlantic Ocean. George and I had a good time laying out on the beach and we took some friends with us (Geocaching travel bugs).

george-001.jpg  george-010.jpg  hiltonhead-019.jpg 

rugrats-007.jpg  rugrats-015.jpg  wilbert-004.jpg  wilbert-012.jpg

Lots of traffic circles on the island but they are easy to navigate. Costs $1 to get on and another $1 to get off over the toll bridge. I found it hard to find the shops because everything in the island is built to blend in with nature. They have some wonderful restaurants and all the fast food places but they are set back from the road and you won’t see large golden arches anywhere. It is a beautiful place though and a good place to vacation.

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