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Getting Rid of Stuff To Go Full-time RVing

The hardest part of becoming a full-time RVer is taking the leap of faith by getting rid of the house and household goods. Letting go is not easy. Not everyone does let go. Some folks are full-timers for only 6 months a year as snowbirds. Most others choose to rent the house out and store their life’s possessions or leave the house alone for a year or two until they are sure their new lifestyle suits them. So, once the lure of the road has made these new recruits succumb and commit to this new lifestyle, how do they get rid of their “stuff”?

  1. Sell whatever you can! The best ways to do that are a garage sale, local flea market, or Craigslist. You may also be able to sell it to some for-profit thrift stores. We have had great success selling furniture through Craigslist. Smaller items like collectibles, bric brac, kitchen appliances, etc. sell well at local flea markets. Check a flea market out before going. The cost for a space is usually pretty cheap. Get there very early in the morning (before the sun comes up) to get a spot and be prepared to stay all day as you may be parked in. If you don’t have a canopy, bring an umbrella for each of you to escape the sun and lots of drinks. Be ready for fellow sellers to check you out and buy before the crowd arrives. Watch out for those that try to chew you down on price so they can resell your item for a higher price in their booth.
  2. Use groups like freecycle.org to give your things away to a good home. This is a nationwide movement to share what you have with others and keep used items out of the dumpsters. You may also find something you need on there.
  3. Donate to charity thrift stores. Not only will they find new homes for your things but you can also ask for a receipt to take the value of your goods as an income tax deduction.
  4. Give away stuff to your family and friends. Everybody likes to get free stuff!

Giving up a lifetime of possessions is not going to be easy but do you really use that much of it every day or has most of it gone untouched in the past year, 5 years, 10 years? It’s time to let go and simplify, simplify your life as Thoreau once said.

See you out on the road!

2 comments to Getting Rid of Stuff To Go Full-time RVing

  • I have to do this repeatedly even though I’ve been on the road 17 years. Where does all that “stuff” come from anyway? 😉

    • LOL. I hear you. I have left a lot of “stuff” along the way in laundry rooms with “Free – Take Me” signs and thank goodness Escapees parks have tables in their clubhouses to leave or exchange items. I swear “stuff” multiplies when you close the cabinet doors!

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