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Final Quartzsite Trip

While we still have another month here in Blythe, we decided to head over to Quartzsite for one last look. Most of the seasonal vendors are gone now. Gambler’s RV at Rice Ranch is in the process of taking down their tent in the rear. K & B Tools in Tyson Wells and the tent vendor across from the post office are still open. The Main Event area is totally dead and I see most of the snowbirds have cleared out of the B10 campground and others in the area. There is still one group out on the BLM land west of town and others scattered infrequently here and there.

I caught some geocachers sneaking around looking for the geocache on the main road through town across from McDonald’s. I found that one last year when there was a vendor open in front of it and people everywhere. They got lucky with the vendor already gone and few muggles about. I watched them find it and we chatted for a bit. They’re full-time RVers too. In just 4 months of geocaching, they already found 300! They got bit by the bug hard. Smile 

The weather today was lousy. It was overcast and very windy. At least the rain held off until after we got home.

2 comments to Final Quartzsite Trip

  • Quartzsite does empty out in March.

    Be glad your still south as there’s 4″ of snow on the ground here and it’s still coming.

    Enjoyed your Slab City post. Brought back many memories of my times living on the slabs.

    • We have actually been laughing at all the northerners and Canadians heading home already even though they know there is still snow at home. What the heck are they thinking?! Finally getting toasty here in the high 70’s and low 80’s just the way we like so we’re staying a bit longer.

      I hope to post some day FROM the Slabs. Just gotta get those dang solar panels installed. 🙂

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