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Eureka! I Found It!

New lesson learned this week is always search every cranny after buying a used rig. I bought my new 5th wheel used and have had it for almost 3 months now. I knew when I bought it that the shower curtain and rings were missing and the windows seemed to be missing something along the sides. My previous trailer had solid matching cloth covered boards down the sides of each window. At the time I didn’t understand that they served more purpose than just being decorative. They also prevent people outside from looking in through the side of aluminum or vinyl blinds. Without something along the sides of blinds, you can forget getting dressed in the bedroom unless you like putting on a show for others and going to jail. 😉  There was mounting hardware still around the sides of the windows but none above them and no sign of the missing boards I assumed should be there. I chalked all these missing items up to bachelor abuse or preferences of the previous owners. You know how those bachelors are. LOL

I bought a new shower curtain and rings. Of course, the shower curtain was too long for the shower so I cut it down and hemmed it to fit. Since my shower has a built in seat, I actually cut a square out of the curtain to fit around it. While I was at it, I bought an Extend-A-Shower rod to replace the current one and give me more elbow room. I really hate having a shower curtain stick to my butt in a small shower and I can’t say enough good things about the Extend-A-Shower. I caught it on sale at Camping World and it was worth every penny. I don’t touch the curtain at all while showering and, when not in use, it folds into the shower for use as a laundry drying rack or wet coat hanger. If your shower has a curtain, get one!

Custom shower curtain cutExtend-A-Shower rod

Now that I had a shower curtain, I was considering options for the window coverings and wondering if there was any more storage space one day when I decided to do some exploring in the new rig. While I had already looked briefly inside all the cabinets and drawers, something told me to explore deeper. I pulled the lower drawers out in the kitchen and found a bunch of stuff under them which had either fallen out of them or the previous bachelors thought was a good storage space. I pulled out boxes of plastic bags, silverware, cooking utensils, and more. I found my inverter lurking under one of them which is good to know and found a heat tape wrapped around some of the plumbing which is also good to know. I found plenty of dust bunnies to clean up too. Ick!

Like the beating drums in the movie “Jumanji”, my attention was beckoned by the doors under the oven and refrigerator. Under the oven, I found a bunch of open space. I wouldn’t care to store pots under there but it will be an excellent location for items not often used like serving trays, extra ice cube trays, etc. once the dust bunnies are evicted. Next to it, I opened the door under the fridge and spotted the fireplace tools I had seen before for my woodstove. Looking further, I saw a plastic bag which I pulled out and put aside and lots more storage room. Now that would be a perfect place to store my drill and other tools I thought. After moving them into the space, I started to throw the white bag back in when I decided to look inside. Lo and behold, it was filled with special brackets, odd looking cloth twists, and clean crisp window curtains! Aha! Below them was a new looking fancy shower curtain and wrong colored rings. Oh well. Nice to have a backup I guess. I have hung up the window curtains with the cloth twist tiebacks and now have my privacy back. Yay! They also add a lot of class I think.

Window curtains

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