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Christmas In The New RV

It’s Christmas time again, my first in my new 5th wheel. Decorating it is definitely called for to celebrate our union. With such a huge living room, I can now have a larger tree but who wants to drag that around all year? My small one will do just fine still and I have a great spot for it. I had to enlist the help of my Myrtle Beach birds to hold the garland up on the living room slideout. Some snowmen decided to come hang around too.

Christmas treeHappy SantaGarland

All done and inspected with the Dang Cat seal of approval given.

My Dang Cat

4 comments to Christmas In The New RV

  • Katrina — I love seeing how you decorated for the holiday. Question about the wood stove: I’ve never seen a stove like this in a rig before. Any troubles with that stovepipe while moving? I know the rig is new for you — but curious about how that pipe survives the earthquake-like shuddering it gets when the rig is moving.

    • Thanks, Ellen. Stovepipe travels fine. No problems or leaks there. It does get some wind block from the front of the 5th wheel which is higher.

      Any chance of you being around Quartzsite this year?

      • Thanks, Katrina! We tend to avoid the hustle-bustle of crowds (especially with the flu going around; tho’ it doesn’t seem to have hit AZ nor CA, we do see a trend down here with folks who have colds!), so don’t have plans for Quartzite, at least not this year. How about you?

        • I’m over in Blythe again waiting for the show to start in Quartzsite. I have another site I am developing to report on the annual shows and help with info at http://rvquartzsite.com . Have another update for it just waiting for a picture. Hopefully my flu shot will save me. Already got the cold up in Utah. 🙂

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