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Another Day in RV Land

Went for a 2 hour ride on brother’s new (used) eZip scooter. Finally got to see several miles of the trail behind us and then rode the trail between the lake and the airport. Beautiful ride and made it all the way to the control tower. Dang scooter can go 15-20 miles on one charge. Definitely need to change the seat. Butt hurt after awhile. LOL Going to change it to the big fat butt seat other "senior citizens" are using on bicycles. Will have to look for my own scooter or electric bike now. Very useful for taking the bus or train into the city with it and then scooting about on it. Buses frown on it, though, unless you have a handicapped tag. Great alternative to the full chair ones but some campgrounds (not many) won’t allow them and you can’t use them at amusement parks unlike the chair ones. However, they are light and easy to carry since they fold down and are small. I predict these could become the new “wheelchair” for the baby boomer generation and with gas getting so expensive, these really are very economical for the younger generation to get to work, run errands, get to and around at college, etc.


Made excellent fajitas for dinner. I like to stir fry peppers and onion then add canned or leftover chicken and half a fajita mix. Served on tortillas with sour cream.

Looking at setting up my DIY solar cooker made of auto sunshades and learning to cook with it. Want to learn to cook with a Dutch oven too. Going to play a little with canning and sometime I want to make a batch of soap entirely from scratch ( I use soap base I buy atm). Sooo much to learn.

We learned this week why everyone else here burns tiki torches in the evening. They are using citronella and lemongrass oil to keep the mosquitos away and there are a ton of them here. We found a great one at Wal-Mart. Their 4-in-1 comes with 4 screw together steel tubes for the shaft to raise it to different heights or set it on the table, a metal clamp for rails and picnic tables, and the torch. Seems to work to keep the bugs away from our door. Gotta get another.


Fixed the cutting board that is always sliding out from under and the fridge light switch that got Worcestershire sauce dumped on it during a move. Added rubber feet to the cutting board to make it catch on the sink divider and cleaned the light switch.

Found a great environmentally friendly enzyme toilet toddy to stop the smells dead even in 100 degree weather. Yay! The dealer was a campground I stayed at and they even gave me 3 free to try. Nature Zyme I highly recommend them.

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