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Aloha, Hawaii

Time to go home. We sailed away from Hilo, Hawaii and back out to sea for 4 days. I finally got nailed by the cold that had been going around the ship so I was stuck in the cabin most of those days. The gift shop sold out of cold medicine for which they were charging an exhorbitant price. I dragged myself down to the medical center on deck 3 where I was able to get all the supplies I needed at the normal reasonable price. Keep that in mind. Medications are much cheaper at the onboard medical center.

Bernie finally got some time alone. She was sick on the way over so I got my alone time then. Traveling together is great and we love spending time together but sometimes we all need some alone time. She had fun walking about and participating in the games. She even won a 24 kt gold plated ship on a stick. Woohoo!

I ordered room service a lot and Bernie brought me food. The bacon lettuce tomato sandwich plate is terrific and a life saver. Try it! Mostly I slept or watched what little was on TV or played my games on my phone and tablet.

We had to dock at Ensenada, Mexico on the way back per American law for foreign flagged ships and it was a good thing. The pharmacy on the dock was deluged with us sickies buying up cold medications and antibiotics or Z packs as they call them. No prescription needed. I picked up some of my regular medication there to get me through until I picked up a new doctor. It takes time to get into a new VA clinic and get an appointment.

By the time we got back to Long Beach, I was well enough to fly home. I spent a night in my favorite hotel near the San Antonio airport due to the late hour getting in. The next morning, I got some breakfast, hit up the nearest HEB for groceries, and drove home.

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