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Wilson, NC

Time to get out of the north before the snow comes or the campgrounds close. I needed a place to stay for a week on my way to Myrtle Beach. Wilson seemed as good a place as any. Kampers Lodge of America is a Passport America park. It was nice to have a pull through site for a change and the spot was very level. It had a cement pad and good table. There is a laundry room and propane. Nothing special about the park but the other campers were friendly and I enjoyed a chat with the horses and goats they keep.

I didn’t do any siteseeing or anything special there. I did finally fix my Satellite TV there. I thought I was going to have to replace the dish but it turned out to be a bad cable connector. I just had to twist it on a bit more to get a good ground on the shield or keep the center conductor from grounding out. That was a big relief. TV may not seem important to weekenders but when your RV is your home and you have been without TV for quite some time, you care about it. I had been stuck all summer among too many trees and when I finally got in the semi-clear, it had no signal. I keep a lot of DVDs on board but there is a limit to how many times you want to watch the same movie in the same week. EESH!

I have decided I made a big error in removing the TV antenna to install the dish on the roof. First, most places actually do receive several local channels over the air even in the trees so it would have been a nice backup. Second, having my satellite dish mounted permanently on the roof severely limits its functionality. I have to be parked exactly right to get a signal through a hole in the trees. A total pain in the arse! While it is easier for one person to align it inside, the installation is just too limiting. There are numerous places where it would have worked if I could have moved it farther down the site, over to the right or left, etc. I am also using a Winegard dish rather than one from Dish Network, my provider. It only receives one satellite at a time hence I am only getting half of my channels at a time since Dish Network uses 2 satellites evenly distributed. Direct TV puts most of their channels on one satellite I am told. So, I either need to switch providers or I need to buy a Dish Network dish that can be moved around. Ebay here I come!

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