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WII for Geezers and RVers

In many places I stay at, the RV parks are mostly filled with full-time RVers of a certain age. It is an age when things are hanging in the wrong places, other things don’t work so well, when one quick turn to the wrong side or lifting something heavy can spell disaster. Old age sucks! It truly isn’t for wimps. Happily, the folks at Microsoft are helping to make it easier by providing the world with the WII and sports that can be played virtually on WII.

I have seen WII bowling on the list of activities at several RV parks for some time but had never had a chance to play it myself until recently when I happened to be up at the clubhouse at the right time for a change. When one of the players dropped out, I was invited to play. It was much easier than I expected. Press the A button to start your turn. Use the arrow pad to move into position and aim down the dots on the lane. Hold the B button down as you swing and release to roll your virtual bowling ball. Put some oomph into your swing and the ball goes down faster just like the real thing. Amazingly, even in virtual bowling, I still hook to the left and still use the same lane dot I use in real bowling. Without the weight of the ball on my hand, my bad wrist felt great as did my poor back. Woohoo! This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

WII also has fitness  addons some folks use in the privacy of their own RVs or as a group in the clubhouse. How cool is that! Maybe this old age thing won’t be so bad after all. I definitely recommend the WII gaming platform for all us old geezers. Grab it from your grandkids and send the young ones back out into the sunshine to play. Everybody wins!

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