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Virginia Beach, VA

Off to another Coast to Coast campground, Indian Cove. It is very clearly a membership campground, especially on the weekends when the staff start towing lots of trailers and golf carts out of storage and set them up on sites for their owners to whip in for the weekend. The facilities are very nice with 3 large outdoor pools, adult lounge, gym, lots of group picnic shelters, wifi at an extra charge, 24 hour security gate, playgrounds, organized activities, boat launch, and canals weaving through the campground that lead to the James River. If you like kayaks and canoes, or even small boats the place is wonderful! I met one lady who said she lives nearby and I didn’t understand why she would spend so much money to be a member of a park but after a week there, it makes perfect sense. The pools, gym, and boating are certainly worth it.

Nearby is the boardwalk, the excellent ocean beach area, lots of museums, even more shopping and food, bridge/tunnels such as the Chesapeake Bay bridge/tunnel which takes you underwater, and the naval air station. You have to LOVE the Navy to live in Virginia Beach. They fly sooo many sorties with take-offs and landings nearly every minute during the day that it is very noisy in town. The campground was much quieter.

I didn’t do the Chesapeake bridge which charges a huge toll but I did go over/through another which was a lot of fun to get to Yorktown and Jamestown for a day of siteseeing. Another cool thing to do is take a boat tour of the harbor to see all the Navy ships and other ships since this is near the port of Norfolk.

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