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Halloween On a Gate

Just because gate guards are stuck on a gate 24/7 and can’t go to parties doesn’t mean they can’t still have fun. The guys working out here on the rigs really enjoy it when the guards decorate, wear costumes, and hand out candy or cook for them. I carry holiday decorations onboard that . . . → Read More: Halloween On a Gate

Change of Gates

There I was sitting on my perfect gate with very little traffic, decent internet, close to town, and an address of its own that UPS could deliver to. Except for the constant struggle with the bad water pump on the support trailer, I was happy thinking about my upcoming vacation in just a . . . → Read More: Change of Gates

Freeze-Dried Food Backup

Having been in the military, I have had an MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) before and found them to be very tasty. While I wouldn’t want to live exclusively on them, they are good to have out in the field or hiking a trail. They came to mind recently when I didn’t get . . . → Read More: Freeze-Dried Food Backup

Education at the Gate

One of the interesting things about gate guarding is getting to see different critters passing by and seeing different landscapes. With a camera in hand, I often walk down the road a bit for exercise and to photograph visitors to my domain (though I am actually the visitor) and see what wonderful changes . . . → Read More: Education at the Gate