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Snowbird Season and Quartzsite Gearing Up

The other snowbirds have arrived at Mayflower County Park and other RV parks in the California/Arizona border areas. Sites are still available but the games and social functions have already begun. We had our first ice cream social and it was most excellent! We had our choice of 3 flavors of ice cream and fresh toppings of bananas, strawberries, and of course, chocolate syrup. To heck with choosing, go for them all. Mmmmm! The Thanksgiving potluck also went very well with plenty to eat for everyone.

Algadones across the border in Mexico still had light traffic and very short lines when I went through a couple weeks ago but should have more activity now so get ready to start waiting to see a dentist or come back over the border.

BLM land is getting a lot of rigs out there already. I had hoped to be one of them this year but unfortunately am still in need of solar panels. Working on that. I expect to see even more rigs boondocking this year with the economy still in the crapper. I lost my job too recently.

More and more vendors are arriving in Quartzsite and opening up their stores. KB Tools and the RV store are open. The LED guy we bought lights from last year is back. Some of the grocery tents are open. Seeing several places opening early this year including one of the Main Event vendors. This may be a very busy season for them. The consignment guy is getting lots of stuff in and selling well. We may sell my extra scooter over there through him. Should go fast. The Oasis Bookstore is open and the naked guy is naked again this year. Last year the poor fellow had a cold and had to wear clothes. Oh my.  🙂

Mayflower Park has raised their monthly fee from $250 to $275 this year due to renovations done last year. It’s still a great deal with electric, water, and sewage pump outs included. Some folks are looking around though at other FHU places a little farther away from Quartzsite and are finding some good deals.

The local college is in some financial trouble and has shut down the satellite campus with adult classes some snowbirds used last year. I’m told they are trying to get the classes going again on the main campus soon as well as some online classes.

Geocaching is alive and well here. I have been seeing numerous folks finding the one I resurrected last year (Eric’s Cache) though the owner still has not replaced the container nor has anyone else. I may run back over there and fix it myself. I did go out night geocaching on 11-11-11 just so I could sign that magic date in the logs. Found 2 lamp post caches and 1 at the local bait shop. I was wondering where the bait shop was. That’s just one of the benefits of geocaching. Looks like the geocaching app on my smart phone has finally been fixed by the developer so I will have to try it out now. Looking forward to 12-12-12.

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