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RV Memories With Digital Photo Frames

I got one of those new fangled digital photo frames from my son for Christmas. At first I thought, “Um, OK. What am I going to do with this? One more thing to dust and fill up my electrical outlets.” Out of curiosity, and lack of anything better to do, I read the manual for it. The more I read, the more interesting it got as far as bells and whistles such as how I can set it to go on and off at specific times and it can display in several formats including with a large easy to see clock to one side of the pictures. Eventually it dawned on me that after 3 years of touring the country, I have hundreds of beautiful photos I could load in it not just to show off but also to fondly remember and keep my memories fresh of all the places I have been and the things I have seen and done. My son had also thoughtfully included pictures of his family so I can see my grandkids every day.

It took a bit of effort to load pictures in it. I found out the hard way that it doesn’t like pictures that have been edited. It likes them raw right from the camera. I also discovered that pictures from my old digital camera display smaller than pictures from my newer camera. I assume they are set to different resolutions in the cameras themselves. Oh well. These are things I can live with.

Every night now I get a trip down memory lane and gorgeous canyons, sunsets, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, beaches, animals, kayaking, zip lining, sailing, interesting architecture, my kids and grandbabies, and more. I am very happy with it and recommend that every RVer get a digital photo frame.


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