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Richland, WA

After a month at home, it was time to say goodbye again. Off to Richland to see my son and his family. My son’s in-laws live near them and kindly offered the use of their driveway to stay in. They were smart enough to get with their next door neighbor and work out a deal to cement in the grassy area between them so both would have the use of larger driveways for RVing visitors, boats, etc. Very smart idea which makes both homes much more valuable in my opinion. They were able to provide electric which was all I really needed to be comfortable. Entertainment was provided by a squirrel scampering along their fence while he was also eating it.


Another good reason to stay at the in-laws is the food. Barb is a great cook! They threw one of their famous barbecues while I was there. Mmmmm! Mmmmm! There was also a birthday party for my daughter-in-law with excellent ice-cream cake.

My granddaughter has sure grown in the last year. My grandson was finally back for awhile with his father and is so tall now. He’s playing sports I hear. I got to see my newest granddaughter who was born while I was gone. My son is handsome as ever (when he tries) and his wife is looking really great too.

My oldest son, DaleDaughter-in-law, Janelle, and EmilyGranddaughter Lillian

I got them geocaching. We went out for a day of fun and found a few. One night after dinner at their house, a geocache popped up on my gps screen as I was leaving and that led to some night caching fun for me. I skipped the one in the greenbelt next to the bank. Going after those at night tends to upset police for some silly reason. Snicker. I did nail the virtual at the high school though which would be easier at night. I found one in a mulberry tree that night as well that was interesting. You don’t look for the cache but rather a rope to pull the cache up out of the tree.

Virtual geocache

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