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Released… Almost

The call every gate guard fears came. My gate was to be closed and I was being released. Time to pack up and hitch up. This has been one of my longest gates. I have been here since last October and truly enjoyed this one. I had hoped to be here all through the hot summer since this one does not require me to log anyone in or even go outside. No such luck, though. As I started cleaning up and putting things away, my supervisor was back on the phone to tell me to stay until further notice. Apparently, the oil company did not know or at least remember that my gate was quite broken and could not be closed off. It had been enlarged to fit bigger trucks and trailers through and the now heavier gate broke off one of the pins holding it. Then later a trucker hit it while coming in and broke the last pin holding it as well as the electric opener.  I continued to prepare to leave while waiting for a repair crew to come fix the gate. It took several days before they finally welded the gate pins back on and re-mounted the gate. Before the oil company could release me again, the ranch manager told them the crew had not fixed the electric opener so he wanted a guard here until that was fixed too. So, here I sit waiting day to day for another crew to suddenly show up to fix the rest of the gate so I can leave. I don’t mind since I’m still getting paid to be here and it’s getting me through some of those hot summer days. 😀

I have no idea where I am going next. I went ahead and renewed my Passport America membership to go to a local campground to wait for another gate assignment. I had to run into town for more groceries while I wait. Hurry up and wait. It’s all a part of gate guarding.

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