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For those who don’t know, we have a sister site, RVQuartzsite.com , to report on the goings on at Quartzsite, AZ this time of year and provide info on staying there. Many RVers spend their winters there boondocking in the desert very cheaply and enjoying all the sales, shows, events, and each other’s company. They are called snowbirds as they migrate south to warmer climates to avoid the cold and snow. Even if you only weekend camp, you may enjoy spending a few days there during the big RV show in January when the population of this small desert town swells to thousands and vendors are everywhere for anything you can imagine and specifically items and upgrades to make your RV life easier. To RVers, Quartzsite is like Mecca. It’s a place you should experience at least once in your life and you will likely come away with many new friends and ideas. Check out the event schedule NOW!

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