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Quartzsite 2017

After getting off the cruise ship and picking up Irene’s car, she drove me to a liquidation business nearby. I signed up with them as a reseller and we got a tour of their warehouse. I could have signed up online but business is about relationships so I wanted meet the account rep they would assign me and get a better feel for what kind of items you can find through them and how the items are handled.  It was well worth the trip. There were several flea market vendors there picking up pallets of goods as well as small Mom and Pop stores picking up. I get how that works now and see how many of the Quartzsite vendors are getting their wares. These lots are from major stores as customer returns, overstocked items, and shelf-pulls to clear space for new items or eliminate slow sellers. The warehouse had all kinds of goods, anything you could want. I did have to laugh a little when the rep proudly showed me a pallet of shoes and when I opened one box, there was an old worn out pair of boots in it. Obviously, an unscrupulous customer had done a fraudulent return and it had not been caught at the store. Some people! I couldn’t buy anything at the time since I had flown out and would not be home for over a week but the trip there was definitely worth it.

After a quick stop for groceries, my friend dropped me off at CruiseAmerica to pick up my rented motorhome. I had checked out other RV rental companies but despite having badly designed RVs, they still have the best deal in town. Before long, I was on the road (or rather in the Los Angeles traffic) to Quartzsite, AZ.

It was late at night when I pulled into Mayflower County Park in Blythe, CA to see old friends and get the park gossip before heading on. As it so happened, the spot I chose to park in was right next to one of my friends and she came out to help me park. She was surprised to see me after 4 years and unannounced! She helped me out with a sleeping bag and pillow since I wouldn’t have those until I met up with my sister the next day. I took my time the next day to visit several of my old friends and take a walk around the park. They finally got new bathrooms built and closed the old ones. The park was fairly full but still had plenty of sites for us wanderers. It felt good to be back. I used to winter there and always found them very friendly and fun.

In the afternoon, I left and headed on over the state line to Quartzsite to meet up with my family for a week of fun, shopping, and pranks. I also had serious reporting to do for my other website, RVQuartzsite.com . I found them at the La Posa West LTVA behind the Big Tent and we circled our wagons. I did goof and forget to bring exact change for the LTVA permit. I had to borrow $5 from my brother-in-law to pay for my campsite. Thanks, bro!

My Quartzsite Family

We had a good week in Quartzsite. I found some goodies to buy, tried Silly Al’s pizza (very good!), had ice cream every day, enjoyed the campfires, played lots of cards and dominoes, and got plenty of exercise walking around. There were some open booth spaces which I hope is not going to be a trend for the future of Quartzsite. The Progressive Insurance booth did not have their golf game this year but was still giving away great prizes so we hit them up every day. My insurance agent whom I met at Quartzsite was there again this year so I stopped by her booth to tease her a bit and get a hug. I managed to get another hug at the Escapees booth. Hey, single people take them where they can get them! I enjoyed the pretzels at the dip booth again this year and finally gave in to buy the grater dish and garlic roller you see there every year. The food booths were good though expensive as always. In the evenings, the local radio station was playing a perfect 1970’s mix for us old fogies. It was delightful.

Quartzsite Big TentProgressive Insurance Quartzsite boothMy cool wood carving

Quartzite RV show food boothSilly Al's pizza

One day, I stopped in at the Chamber of Commerce to meet the person I had been speaking to for so long about Quartzsite activities and to get information on current local changes. It helps to put the face with the name and voice. Very nice woman and while short, the meeting was helpful.

Getting out of town to return the RV to Los Angeles and hop another plane at LAX was not fun at all due to traffic. Aargh! I’m glad I left a day early to get closer to L.A. to be sure I didn’t miss my flight. It also gave me a chance to camp at Fisherman’s Retreat in Redlands, CA. Very nice campground I will probably stay at again. The food in their restaurant was very good and they have a nice clubhouse and store.

Fisherman's Retreat lakeFisherman's Retreat poolFisherman's Retreat play area

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