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Everything installed and it is time to pack up. Packing an RV can be interesting. It’s just like loading the dishwasher. You start out with what seems to be plenty of room but then quickly run out. With some fumbling and moving things about, eventually at least the essentials and some of the wants will fit. Unfortunately, my ex-husband was always the one to load the dishwasher at our house. Add to that the need to pack so as to balance the weight and it can get quite interesting.

I really came to appreciate having 2 doors on my rig. It is so nice to be able to load all the rear items through the rear door and the forward items through the front door. Once I got everything thrown in one or the other, it wasn’t too bad putting things away and away again and away again.

Once you are done packing, you should weigh the rig. There are many truck scales available such as those at Flying J truck stops or moving van companies and information on exactly how to weigh an RV is readily available on the internet. Do NOT weigh at state inspection stations as you could end up with a ticket if you are overweight or they can stop you from proceeding if you are a little overweight.

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