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Pacific City, OR

Off to another Thousand Trails park. This park is proof that every camper has a different idea as to what makes a good camping experience. I had solicited opinions from other TT members I have met along the way and several said they did not particularly like this park due to small spaces. Someone else warned me of it’s hilly nature. While opinions can be useful, don’t decide against going to a park solely based on that. How enjoyable a park is going to be highly depends on your own nature, rig, and lifestyle. I can see where weekend tenters and small rig RVers would absolutely love this place with it’s beautiful treed slopes overlooking the Pacific ocean, spacious heated indoor pool, inviting hot tub, and lovely clubhouse.  There are places for larger rigs and though the sites are narrow, they are actually well spaced and surrounded by greenery. If you have an extra car, there are some spaces that can hold it or I found a space right next to visitor parking in the “I” section. There are not as many full hookup spaces as most would like but there were several open while I was there and the park did not get full even over 4th of July. The many trees can be a problem for those of us who travel full-time and want our satellite TV. If you know where southeast is going in, there are spaces where you can get a portable dish out through the trees or over them. Again, “I” section had several good spots as did some of the others. If you use cell internet as I do, the signal is iffy. Most days I was able to work over mine only by using my Wilson amplifying cradle and external antenna. Even then, I ended up working up at the lodge a couple days over their WI-FI which wasn’t too bad given the gorgeous view from there. I very much liked that they label their sites on the electric box so you can tell which sites have 50 amp, which have only 20 amp, which has sewer and cable TV (extra fee for cable), etc. Personally, I had a very enjoyable stay there and would go again any time.

The pool and hot tub are excellent and quite enjoyable. Every day they were busy until closing time at 10pm. They were especially wonderful on boring rainy days. I got to try out my new fins there and boy am I fast in the water now! Down below is a very nice miniature golf course and tennis court. The lodge above has a large screen TV, WI-FI, plenty of tables, a microwave oven, WI-FI, puzzles in a separate area upstairs for adults only, a play room down below with pool tables, and a store below. It is very well laid out though they could use more showers in the restrooms there or perhaps should add some outdoor showers for the pool.

There are bears in this park so be careful. A family of bears is living in the surrounding woods and going through the dumpsters for food. Sometimes they eat in the dumpsters and sometimes they grab a bag of garbage to take with them. Be extra careful when taking out your trash. There were no attacks while I was there and they seem to be happy to ignore us as long as we stay away while they are eating.

Below the park is a very steep and narrow road down to the beach. You can park above in a small parking lot or park on the beach. Many do just that. I prefer going into Pacific City to the dory landing beach. They tell me it is very exciting to watch the fishing dory boats come in at high speed at the end of the day. It’s a good place to climb a steep sand dune, climb rocks, investigate the tide pools, have a picnic, swim, or just be. There is also a state park nearby with dunes and a beach where everyone goes to watch fireworks though they do their fireworks on June 30th rather than July 4th. I don’t know why. I was able to watch fireworks right from my site.

Beach parkingClimbing the duneTide pools

One weekend, I went up to Tillamook to tour the Tillamook Cheese factory. I’ve been there before but it is still interesting and free. I got lucky and made it their while the production line was running. Got some great pics, learned lots of cheese history, and enjoyed tasting the various cheese samples. Cheddar is still my favorite. If you are in the mood, you can also buy Tillamook ice cream there. I sent Cheese Mail for $1 from a machine there that shoots video of you in front of the production line and sends it to up to 3 people. I know its cheesy but what the hell. Smile

Tillamook Cheese FactoryCheese Mail

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