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Osburn, ID Again

Off to Idaho again. We stopped at the rest area outside Spokane, WA for a planned lunch and break. Very nice rest area off I90 west of Spokane. We went on to the Blue Anchor RV Park again in Osburn. I just like that park with nice pull-thrus for any length RV, large spaces, excellent wifi, and a very nice owner.

Blue Anchor RV Park

Got plenty of geocaching in with my buddy, Bernie. We went for a long drive on a glorious sunny day through the mountains and snagged 11 caches, an all-time best for me. At one point, we looked at each other and both said how ridiculous it seemed to be chasing after silly little log books to sign but the mountains were as green as Spring and the river so inviting that it still seemed right.

We went out geocaching again on Mother’s Day to get out of the house. Bernie helped me find 2 geocaches I had trouble with previously. Of course this time one jumped right out at me just to embarrass me. I know I searched that spot thoroughly previously. At least I finally got some Pirates of the St. Joe booty. The other one was very well camouflaged as a leaf I discovered but we found it. We went out for dinner at $50,000 Silver Dollar Bar after nailing an easy cache there. The food there is good (not great but good) and it is always fun to look at the ton of tourist souvenirs there. It’s hard to get out of there without buying one of their gags or something. Just as we were finishing dinner, we shared a laugh as a large family piled into a car outside one after the other. The only space left was in the glove compartment. LOL

Bernie called and we were off on another day in search of a geocache she had trouble finding. When in doubt, grab a friend. We found it across the street from where the coordinates pointed.

My son came by one day for a walk and talk along the bike trail and river. We found a geocache too. He came back the next week to take me to my first comedy club, the Blue Door Theater. That is, after all, one of my goals in the waning years of my life, to do things I have never done or in other words a bucket list. I enjoyed it very much. Go to Comedy Club – check.

CDA Bike Trail in Osburn, ID

We had plans to see the Depot Days festival in Wallace, Loyalty Day Parade in Osburn, picnic in the park, etc. but it rained most of the time while my brother and I were in Osburn so we missed them. We did manage a trip into Couer D’Alene one day though. My brother loves thrift stores so I introduced him to St. Vincent’s. We scored really big there. One thing we found was the portable satellite dish we had been looking for at only $20 in excellent condition. He found lots of items he sells on Ebay and cables he needed for changes he is doing in my trailer. We highly recommend thrift stores for buying cables cheap. We managed to stumble into another thrift store that was going out of business and selling everything at 90% off. Yes, you read that right, 90% OFF! We scored a working Palm handheld for 20 cents, more Ebay items, books, etc. Later we went to the Best Buy in town and found a great deal on a Cradlepoint router that my internet aircard plugs into and it puts out wifi internet for all the computers in my RV. A router also provides more security on the internet and an internal computer network. Anyway, it was a good day.

We got in Uno night at Bernie’s. Usually it is an all-girl affair but we let my brother be an honorary girl for the night and join us. Lots of finger food, stories, excellent card playing, cheating, and laughter was had. I took my tuna salad which seemed to go over well and nobody died from it. 😉 On the way there, we drove up to Burke to see the remains of the mill that was blown up during the silver miners vs. owners war long ago.

We finally got another semi-sunny day. Our neighbors whipped out their BBQ so we were forced to whip out ours and the smell battle was on! They filled the air with delicious chicken and butter basted asparagus. We had to bring out the big guns with 1 inch think ribeye steak on ours and cheesy broccoli. I made a point of fanning the delectable smoke in their direction as I cooked and went over to tease the neighbors about it. Alas, there were innocent victims. Just as we started to cook, another trailer pulled in between us and got blasted by the incredibly good smells from both sides. We wish them a speedy recovery. This brings up a major rule of RVing. Always be prepared to BBQ unless you want to be the innocent victim. 😉

Alas, after 4 weeks there all good things… yada yada. We headed back to Utah by way of Montana. We spent one night at Countryside RV Park in Dillon, MT again. It’s the half way point and a nice Good Sam park with excellent views. I also like the grave marker there – “Here lies Les More, shot 4 times with a 44, no Les no more”. ROTFL I also like their helpful sign on the way out – “Antenna down? Wife onboard? Pet onboard?”

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