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On to North Carolina

It was a lovely week in Ohio but that was only a pitstop. Back on the road again, I headed out through West Virginia. Lots of trees and mountains but not much else.

I hit a toll road unexpectedly and of course my purse was forgotten and still inside the trailer. Lucky for me, I don’t smoke so I use the ashtray to hold change and a spare dollar “just in case”.

I stopped at a rest area to retrieve my purse as soon as possible after getting on the toll road. I left the car running since I was only going to be a few minutes. When I got back, the quarter tank of gas I had now claimed to be empty on the gas gauge. Turning the car off and back on made no difference. Normally I would have been okay since I always carry a spare 5 gallon can but, unfortunately, I gave the gas the night before to two young ladies at 2am who had come to see some lads next to me in the campground and found they had missed the campfire and the lads were asleep. Knew I should have stopped and refilled it but I was in go go go mode. Aargh! Of course, it had to be a hot day as well and I have a cat in the car. So, I did the next best thing and called Good Sam Emergency Assistance on my cell phone for the first time. It took awhile to pinpoint where I was for the lady but someone showed up with gas 45 minutes later. The men were very nice and when the gas made no difference, they escorted me to the next gas station and gave me tips on how far I could go on a full tank with a broken gas gauge. Happily, once the tank was full, the gas gauge started to work again and has been working ever since. Go figure. Yes, I filled the gas can too. 😉 I highly recommend the Good Sam Emergency Assistance. They have kept me from worrying about these things this whole trip and then proved themselves. The incident cost me nothing.

Back on the road again, I went to Virginia for the night to Fox Trail Family KOA. It is in the mountains of Virgina and not particularly easy to find even with GPS but is near the highway. The campground is very nice and a favorite among in-staters. It is built entirely on a hill so be prepared for some gear shifting to get to your spot. Their common room with big-screen flat TV, tables, connected game room, and wood floors is a very good place to just hang out and play. They do have wifi but I didn’t have a chance to test it. The price was very reasonable as well and I hear there is some good cooking nearby. This campground fills up in late September because it is very close the the North Carolina state line and Mount Airy, former home of Andy Griffith and now home to Mayberry Days, an annual event attended by former cast members of the Andy Griffith Show with doubles dressed up as their characters running around town for fun and lots of planned activities. Darn it! I missed it by one week!

Back out to the road the next day, I turned my propane tanks off because I knew mountains like these have to have a tunnel. I was not disappointed! I went through 2 long long, large tunnels. Traffic was backed up for miles going the opposite direction due to construction. Eek! Anyway, for those interested in “The Great Propane Tank Debate”, I drove 5 hours to my son’s house in Fayetteville, NC and found everything in the fridge quite cold and fine. You don’t need the propane on while traveling. And yes it took me 5 hours because my GPS knows squat about North Carolina. Everywhere else it was fine but here it kept running me around in circles. Onstar got me straightened out though. 🙂

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