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Neskowin, OR Again

Time for my week out before going to another Thousand Trails park so I went back to Neskowin RV Resort again. They accept RPI and Coast to Coast club discounts, have good Wi-Fi, a nice pool and hot tub, and put me close to my brother and his wife who live in Oregon so I could say goodbye as I start heading out of the state and down south again for winter. Saturday night they had a pot luck again and I came prepared with cans of baked beans for my offering.

I blew a tire on my trailer on the way down. Thank goodness I heard it and saw rubber flying in my mirrors just as I came to a large beach parking lot I could easily slip into. I tried something new this time. Instead of jacking it up, I laid out blocks high enough and drove my front tire up on them. That let me change the tire very easily. Not sure I like doing that but had to try it. It puts a lot of weight and strain on the good tire in this situation. While I didn’t need it this time since I was the last person to tighten the tire nuts instead of some garage’s pet gorilla, I do carry a DC powered impact wrench on board that I found at Wal-Mart to get the nuts off easily. I highly recommend it, especially for women alone. Wal-Mart also carries my particular trailer tire, Goodyear Marathon, so it has already been replaced.

I got another chance to go boating with my brother and his wife again. This time we put in near his home and we remembered to wear sunscreen. That water and sun got us all pretty good last time even through the clouds. We had a barbecue on the boat this time. He has one that hangs on the side.  Coming back at the end of the day, we did some high speed circles and we had a water fight onboard with our water bottles. His fault for not bringing any cookies! It was fun and has to last us all for awhile till we are together again.

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