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Morgan Hill, CA

My next Thousand Trails park was Morgan Hill. Lots of sites to be had and lots of trees so not always easy to get satellite TV reception. Water and electric hookups only. WI-FI available at the adult lodge. Propane available. Good showers. This is a very popular park for RVers and tenters! The big draw is their heated pool. It is HUGE (Olympic sized)! I enjoyed it very much and they provide lots of shade cover along the sides. They also have great weekend entertainment. Elvis (impersonator) sang to me and held my hand (swoon). Another fellow honored us with excellent guitar playing and singing. Things really picked up and the feet started flying when I requested some Van Morrison tunes. Have I got great taste in music or what? We also got free s’mores by the campfire during the entertainment. Mmmm s’mores.

Elvis alive and wellCamp entertainerCooking s'mores

I got to do puzzles while I was there. Unfortunately, somebody else likes doing them too. I got pretty far on one that I found finished already the next night.

Unfortunately, I had some bad campers next to me who were disturbing the whole area. They just had to play their music way too loud and booming till long after quiet hours, they had barking dogs that they encouraged to bark more, they talked late into the night, had extremely bright and blinding flood lights on in the evening, and were just in general very rude. Several campers reported them to staff and around the 7th or 8th time they were kicked out by the manager late in the evening. They are new Thousand Trails members and have a lot to learn about membership camping. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated. Once they left, though, everyone else had a pretty good time. Despite this, I would definitely go back there again.

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