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Hardeeville, SC

After nearly 3 months in Fayetteville visiting relatives, the time came to move on. The call of the road had been in my ears for weeks and all missions were accomplished. My granddaughter now knows who the heck I am and is comfortable around me. Time to get out fast! 😉

I told the Dang Cat we were leaving. After enjoying time out of our rig in a fenced backyard, she was less than enthusiastic. Click on her pic to see her reaction.


Ah well, can’t please everybody. I went out and hit a few geocaches for some travel bugs. As long as I am moving, it’s a great chance to get some bugs moving on to other states.

While I95 can be quite bumpy at times heading south, it was an easy drive. At the NC/SC border is a large wannabe tourist trap called South of the Border. Might check it out on the way back up. The drive was nice and comfortable though my impressions of the South Carolina coast would be “swampy”. Even the highway is elevated much of the way to keep it dry. Not my cup of tea personally.

A stop for gas threw a little hiccup in when the Check Oil light lit up on the dash as I was about to pull out. I truly love a car that is idiot proof or as much as a car can be. I pulled in next to the truckers and threw in the quart of oil I always keep in the car. Then I was on my way again.

I chose Hardeeville RV in Hardeeville primarily because of location. It is only 5 minutes and a single road into Savannah, GA for sightseeing and 25 minutes to Hilton Head, SC for beachcombing. The location is perfect. The park itself leaves a lot to be desired though it is fine for overnight or no more than a week. Personally I find it overpriced.

On the plus side you have great location, friendly owners, nice enough setting. The lots are huge pull thoughs that can accomodate anything and provide plenty of space on all sides. There is a laundry room which is clean and not expensive.

On the minus side, it is extremely noisy next to a highly used highway unless you go to the back with the full-timers, they have allowed full-timers to keep anything they want outside their rigs so a couple of them look like unappealing junk yards, the office is not manned usually though they do provide their cell number to call them, the internet has crashed on me every day this week. When it works, it works well. There are no restroom facilities which doesn’t bother me since I don’t usually use them anyway.

I did manage to get out for a little geocaching this week. Found an easy one that looks like a mailbox at someone’s mobile home in a park. Dropped off a couple of travel bugs and picked up another to take to Disneyworld with me. Met the Mrs. there who was very nice and just getting into it herself.

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