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Government Shuts Down BLM and National Parks

Yosemite National ParkIn the showdown over the federal budget, feds have shutdown all national parks and BLM lands. Anyone with plans to go to either will need to make new private arrangements. Most of the Federal workers associated with these have been furloughed but Federal storm troopers are out in force ready to arrest trespassers. If you were planning to boondock on the BLM in Quartzsite again this season, there is no telling when the shutdown will end so pay attention to news sources for updates. You may want to consider booking reservations now at a state, county, or private park near Quartzsite to be sure you have a site when the Big Tent comes to town. At this time, the 14 day LTVAs do appear to still be open though not many folks are on them yet.

In an effort to make it hurt all Americans as much as possible, the Obama administration has also shuttered private businesses on government land and has kicked out houseboats, homeowners, and lessees on government land and water. Imagine being forced out of your home or off your ranch for no good reason but as a pawn in some sadistic game! Here at DangRV we are outraged!

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