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Government Shutdown Ended – Now What?

With several states hurting for tourist dollars and working out deals to re-open national parks, the government finally came to an agreement to re-open for business. National parks, forests, landmarks, and BLM lands are once again inviting the public in to ooh and ahh at nature’s wonders while spending their hard earned cash on entrance fees, parking, camping, and concessions.

A lot of revenue was lost during the shutdown so some states will still feel it. What is fascinating to me is that the furloughed government workers will be paid for the forced time off while civilian workers will not. While I certainly feel bad for all who were furloughed, it doesn’t seem fair that one group will be paid for doing nothing while the others will not. How also are they handling getting back workampers and volunteers they kicked out who may have moved on to other jobs. What a mess! This is also not the end of it. The beings in power only agreed to postpone their issues until January of next year. This could happen again during prime snowbird season on BLM lands. I for one am not looking forward to January.

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  • Katrina — Yes, too bad about the employees not being reimbursed for time lost, but that choice is up to the civilian companies who employ them, not the national government. At least our government did right by its employees… Only pressuring the private contract companies will make a difference for the others. (Don’t get me started on which political party seems to favor private enterprise…. and therefore should be advocating fair treatment here…)

    And you’re right — our legislators not only kicked a can down the road, they kicked a can of worms down the road, and when it pops open it will be another mess.

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