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Going Automatic With Satellite TV

Winegard Carryout Portable satellite dishI really miss my Sony wireless TV for setting up my satellite dish. It made a truly unpleasant chore much easier since I could take it outside with me and watch as I pointed and fine-tuned the dish. Unfortunately, that was one of the things lost in my RV accident. We tried a workaround way to do something similar with an old TV but that was no where near as easy to use due to its small size. After, Texas winds trashed my satellite dish AGAIN, I finally went and bought the Winegard Carryout Portable Automatic dish on sale at Camping World. Yes, it is more expensive but it is worth it. It works with both DirectTV (no HD though) and Dish Network (with HD too). It will work with most receiver models. It sets up easily if you follow instructions which are hidden in the box in a foam sidewall. You may need to open it and set a dip switch since it is set to DirectTV by default. You will also have to install the handle.

It comes with a metal bracket you can use to secure it to something nearby. I have both a 6 foot and a 30 foot vinyl covered wire straps to secure it close by or farther away. I found them and locks at Home Depot.

After several months of use, I am very happy with mine. It is lightweight. The lower profile and solid dome give it better protection from the wind. It takes up very little room in my RV when traveling. It is so nice to be able to put it outside and have it set itself up automatically. Much easier. I just place it in the general direction of the satellites and let it do its thing. When switching from one satellite to another it is often seamless. Once in a while I get a “No signal” screen for a few seconds when switching channels between satellites but it isn’t bothersome. The downside is it loses signal in any heavy rain, hail, or snowstorm so keep your DVDs handy for those rare nights. On the whole, I highly recommend them but wait for a sale.

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