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Gate Guard Ladies Luncheon

Like many other jobs, gate guarding has many unique experiences and challenges. Often we are out in the boonies alone working unsupervised 24/7 with the occasional odd situation, storms, ranch animals, bugs, heat, cold, gate runners, sudden schedule changes with accompanying traffic, and so on to spice things up. The best way to survive is to band together to share info on guard companies, new gates available, RV problems, vacation tips, guarding tips, etc. and to get away from spouses for a couple hours while doing something “normal”. Like any other field, networking is essential to success and improves safety when you have the number of someone nearby to call in an emergency. To these ends, we have informal luncheons once a month for both women and men. Occasionally, they will bring the luncheon to a guard that is working alone and can’t otherwise attend.

I got to go to the June ladies luncheon which was held in Carrizo Springs at Miguelitos. Business cards for guards and a good RV repairman were exchanged. The tips offered were plentiful and I met several new people. Many of us only know each other through our Facebook group so this was a great way to see faces and get better acquainted. The food was very good. I highly recommend their taco salad. It’s a very busy restaurant with lots of oilfield workers eating there for lunch along with regular townsfolk.

I had a wonderful time with some great people and hope to get to another luncheon some time. The luncheons really are valuable in many ways.

Gate Guard Luncheon

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