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Fried Green Tomatoes – Juliette, GA

Yep. I found the town where the movie was shot and the actual Whistle Stop Cafe. The Rally was offering a tour which did not fit into my schedule so I drove up to Juliette on my own. It is a very tiny spot in the road next to several train tracks. While I was there, at least 5 trains passed by.

s7300473.JPGs7300475.JPGWhistle Stop Cafe


I parked next to the cafe and noticed a couple with Good Sam shirts on. With a little chatting, I found they were also there for the Rally and we decided to have lunch together. Of course, that meant barbecue and fried green tomatoes at the Whistle Stop. I tried the tomatoes but it must be an acquired taste or a southern thing. They were ok but I wouldn’t care to eat more. The rest of the food was excellent and the atmosphere in the cafe is very nice. They still have the wooden booths you see in the movie. The place was packed. Interesting to note is they only have so much of everything and once they run out of something on the menu, that is it. No more.

I also saw the house Idgy and Ruth lived in, Smokey Lonesome’s shack behind the cafe, and “the barbecue”. There is a cement plaque on the ground near it that says. “Here lies Frank Bennett of Valdosta. The secret was in the sauce and here.”.  Tee hee.

Idgie and RuthSmokey LonesomeSecret’s in the Sauces7300477.JPG

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