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Fire in Blythe Fairgrounds

Saturday as we left our RV park in Blythe, CA we spotted a fire at the Blythe fairgrounds where the annual Bluegrass Festival was going on. An RV in the far corner was fully engulfed and burned down to frame very quickly. The owners were not home at the time but one of their cats escaped while the other perished. Neighbors raced to get the propane tanks off and away from the vehicle before the fire reached them. The huge plume of dark black smoke soon turned to gray then white as the fire trucks arrived and doused the flames. Fire is every RVer’s worst nightmare. Our condolences go out to the owners and their beloved pets.

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  • It is So scary to see an RV burn in no time at all. Glad the people were out and am sorry to hear about their kitty.

    When first RVing, I used to keep a photo of a burning RV on my fridge door to remind myself, “Do Not walk away from the stove!”

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