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Disneyworld 2018

The vacation to beat all vacations was not over yet. We didn’t pay big bucks to fly to Florida just for a 5 day cruise. Oh no! When we docked back in Miami, we went to pickup a rental car we reserved and drove up to Kissimmee where we stayed in a nice Airbnb condo we had all to ourselves in a condo community with a central pool. The code to open the door was sent to me via email so no key to deal with. It had a good shower, nice kitchen to use if we wanted, and TV. Parking nearby was easy. I didn’t like the hardness of my bed so I pulled out the couch bed to sleep there. I would definitely rent there again and use Airbnb again.

Since we had to eat and Bernie had never been to a dinner show which I love doing, we got tickets online to go to Medieval Times that night. The food was great. The show was not as good as it could have been due to having new actors who were still learning how to hit and fall properly without hurting themselves. They’ll get better with time and practice. We still enjoyed it for the atmosphere and getting to cheer loudly though our knight did lose.

Medievel Times OrlandoThe Queen and Knighting CeremonyIntroducing the knights


Off to Disneyworld we went the next day. I have been there twice before but it was Bernie’s first time. We took the monorail in from the parking lot. We got off at the wrong stop (my fault) and only figured it out after waiting and going through security. Back on the monorail to the next stop and back through security again.

We rented scooters. By the end of the day, I think Bernie understood why. I know I’m too old to walk all over that place all day and survive it.

I got to show Bernie one of my favorite attractions that used to be in Disneyland, the Carousel of Progress. I can’t help it. That music is catchy! We went to the Tiki Room and took the jungle cruise. Did the Haunted Mansion, It’s a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thunder Mountain roller coaster, and more. Their pass system phone app didn’t work at all for us so we had to go to terminals and manually get passes. It was crowded and lines were long as usual. For handicapped people, they are not as accommodating as they once were so you may want to reconsider going there. At the end of the day, we tried to take the boats back to the parking lot but they broke as we were standing in line so we gave up and went to the monorail again.

It's a world of laughter, a world of fun...It's a small, small world!


After a long hard day of working at playing, we went out to Golden Corral for dinner. Yum!

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