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Bringing Baby Home

If you have never believed in Murphy’s Law before, you will after picking up your first RV from the dealer! No matter how well you try to plan, ol’ Murphy and his band of gremlins will sneak in there. Before I go on, let me state that I did have my truck transmission serviced as a preventative measure and the water pump was replaced before picking up my trailer. I tried to keep Murphy at bay. The truck had also been used to tow a boat numerous times without issues.

The easiest part of picking up my new used trailer was signing away my life on the financing papers. I don’t like financing things and signing anything legal has never thrilled me. They made it as painless as possible.

On to the appliance inspections. They all worked as they should. I did notice the second battery I had negotiated for had not been added so I had to stick to my guns on that point which meant waiting for it to be installed.

Then came the equalizer hitch installation which meant more waiting. It really does make a huge difference in towing so it was worth waiting for.

Hitch the trailer to the truck next and test the lights and brakes. Lights were fine but the darn brakes would not work with the brake box that came with my used truck. The box was deader than a skunk trying to cross a highway in Texas. Here we go again. They had to install a new brake box while we waited once again.

Box installed but lights and brake box now flaky. Break out the test equipment again. Oh goody. The connector on the back of the truck was causing it. It worked fine with a boat but add in the brakes and you find the terminals are actually a bit worn. They gave me a new connector to install later and we managed to get the connector working for now.

Quick test drive to set the brake box levels and we finally got out of there many hours later with a lighter wallet and my stress level and blood pressure at an all-time high.

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