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Back to Texas

I arrived back in Texas late in the afternoon. I was happy to see my truck unharmed and ready to go. After paying for a month of parking (OUCH!), I drove back to the Rio Guadalupe campground in Canyon Lake, Texas to pick up my trailer from storage and spend a night or two. My trailer was also fine and I think glad to see me. It has never been in storage before so I was worried. I had forgotten the lock code to get into the storage area and had to call the owners to get in. I pulled off the tarps I had covered it with and hitched up. It was hot and sweaty work. When I pulled it over to the campground, I found I had forgotten the time difference and arrived after the office closed so I picked an open site from their map and pulled in. I also forgot to stop for food on the way there and now found myself hot and tired with no food in the fridge. After unhitching, I drove back into town to treat myself to a nice dinner at the Lonestar Steakhouse. I think I finally found something at least close to TGI Friday’s. Though not quite as good, it was very very good. If a salad truly can be wonderful, theirs was. The flat iron steak was wonderful too.

The next day, I took the opportunity to go river rafting while waiting for my company to call me out to a new gate. Rio Guadalupe campground can drive you to two different places to put in and then you float back down to their campground beach. I went for the shorter 2 hr. route this time. I made a point of reading their sign that listed how to get around or through each dam on the river though it did not seem to be entirely correct in practice. Water levels after so much flooding may have altered the course. This was a good time to try out my new river tube that I bought at the end of last season. I must say it was terrific and I am so glad I bought it. I loved having the back rest, rope around it, more space inside, and a webbed bottom to hold me up while still letting the water cool me. I also took my kayak paddle with me to help keep me out of the tulles as I call them and move through slower areas. The water was the perfect temperature. The flow was good but not too fast. I did have to portage around one dam where the opening would shove you right into a big rock. Thank goodness I had that paddle to get to the side. When I got back to the RV park, I deflated my tube and carried it back to my camper but still felt the urge for more water time so I went swimming in the pool. Again, the water temperature was perfect. Woohoo! My supreme thanks to the guys who came up with spray sunscreen which kept me from burning that day. It is wonderful to be able to apply sunscreen by myself now with no help needed to get the back.

Guadalupe River TreesGuadalupe RiverRiver Kayaking

Since I hadn’t gotten called back for work yet, I decided to move to a cheaper campground to wait. Unfortunately, when I hitched up I found one of my truck tires flat. I tightened the J valve extender and aired it back up again with the compressor I always carry. I stayed another night to verify it was holding air. The next day I moved only a few miles away to LakePointe Resort right on Canyon Lake. It’s an RPI park so I got to stay for only $10 a night. The park is very nice with good spacing between sites, some cement pads, and lots of trees. It has two swimming pools (adult and family) as well as a clubhouse with a TV room, library, billiards, a gym, and a BATHTUB! The office staff were very nice. The views of the lake are nice. While it was a bit of a walk, they did let me put my kayak in the lake one day for some fun. You can drive your kayak to the put in point but can’t leave your vehicle there. You have to go park and walk back. I am seriously considering getting a membership to LakePointe to use when I am not on a gate. It is a nice place to relax and they too have RV storage. The only problem I had there was getting satellite TV. They do have a lot of trees. It took me all day to get my automatic dish setup. I finally downloaded an app called SatFinder Pro for $2.99 to my phone to help me. In AR view, it uses your phone camera to show you exactly what your dish is seeing when you stoop down next to it and puts a crosshair in the window that you line up a circle to. It worked! A bigger part of the problem was that my satellite box had been in storage for a month and had dropped its settings. Every time I got the dish aligned right, I didn’t know it because it wouldn’t bring up all the satellites and programming. I finally had to call Dish Network and have them zap my box again. After years of traveling, I had learned how easily they could fix issues just by sending out a signal to my dish. One zap and it was working again.

KayakingKayaking Canyon LakeLakePointe deer

LakePointe PoolLakePointe Office Patio

Still no call so I spent the next few days kayaking and closing down the summer season at Schlitterbahn for two days in a row. My busted butt from the last time was still not 100% healed so I was careful. I still managed to have a blast. I got a smoked turkey leg the first day of course for lunch. I went for the unlimited drinks and souvenir cup this time and they gave me a second one free. Since I can’t drink two at a time, I gave one away to a family of 5 to make their day cheaper. The second day I got a little too casual and chose not to pay for a locker for my stuff. So many other people there weren’t getting one and what I had was not expensive or so I thought it would be okay. Sure enough, my bag disappeared while I was on the lazy river. It pissed me off so I walked all over the area looking for the bag which was distinctive. I finally ended up at the lost and found to file a report. The minute I started grumbling about it, the staff member produced it. Apparently, some idiot thought it was theirs and walked off with it without checking inside it. He/she even put some of their stuff in it. When they realized their mistake, they were kind enough to take it to the lost and found but not enough to put it back where they found it. AARGH!!!!! I left their stuff with the attendant. Other than that, I had a good time and look forward to closing Schlitterbahn down again next year. The last days are the best because there are fewer people there and everything in the gift shops go on sale. Hasta la vista, Schlitterbahn!

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