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A Memory Repeated…

3 friends and I share a memory that will last us all a lifetime and of course it occurred while we were out camping together. Last week we repeated and renewed it to a smaller degree at a friend’s house.

It is very difficult for women to go camping together. Children and husbands tend to keep us anchored to the home either by their will or ours. I have noticed that men don’t seem to have this problem at all though of course there are exceptions. We managed to get 4 women together with one van and one trailer for a weekend at Round Lake, ID a few years ago. Round Lake is a state park with excellent swimming on a small no-boaters lake and an easy hiking trail around the lake that goes through 4 different types of flora and fauna to make it quite interesting.

We ate, we floated together on rafts in the middle of the lake and talked, we raced, we hiked, we ate, and we played games. It was one of the best camping trips I have ever been on despite getting sick with a migraine during it.

One night, we were in the trailer playing Uno and Outburst. We played for hours and got pretty into it with lots of killer Uno tactics, ganging up on each other, etc. At one point, all the cards just suddenly started falling the right way for lots of competition and blitzing. We got a little loud… OK we were very loud! Suddenly, there was a banging on the door of the trailer. Outside, a park ranger identified himself and said, “Do you know we can hear you all the way down to the green bathroom?!” Quiet down!” That let loose a raft of schoolgirl giggles and jokes about the brown bathroom which I’m sure the unknown ranger did not appreciate. But how could he have known that he was barking at librarians! LOL. Yes, my friends are librarians, normally accustomed to shushing others. We did apologize, closed the trailer windows, and tried to behave the rest of the night. Those darn librarians will get you in trouble every time so be careful.

Since then, it has become a standard joke to tease each other with and be teased with by our friends and families. Moments like that cannot be replaced. They are priceless.

Oh, and if you were wondering, no rangers or police came knocking at the house this time.

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