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RV Surprises, Repairs, and Gates

I finally got THE call. The one from my boss to come sit on a gate for him. YAY! It took longer than I expected but it finally came. I wasn’t too happy about the idea of driving around with a trailer in the dark at 3AM the next morning through San Antonio . . . → Read More: RV Surprises, Repairs, and Gates

Back to Texas

I arrived back in Texas late in the afternoon. I was happy to see my truck unharmed and ready to go. After paying for a month of parking (OUCH!), I drove back to the Rio Guadalupe campground in Canyon Lake, Texas to pick up my trailer from storage and spend a night or . . . → Read More: Back to Texas

Mail Service Review

Time for a review of mail services for RVers. Having lived in an RV for 10 years now, I have a lot of experience with 4 of the different services out there and using family to forward mail. Here is my opinion on each of them as they pertain to RVers. Keep in . . . → Read More: Mail Service Review

Goodbye Water Bottles

As a gate guard, I live in my RV out in the boonies on other people’s ranches far away from RV parks and the usual amenities such as full hookups. My guard company provides a support trailer with a huge (and rather noisy) electric generator on it to provide me with power and . . . → Read More: Goodbye Water Bottles