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Millsboro, DE

This is it! The last east coast state on my map is now conquered. I just couldn’t bear to leave a hole in my map so I had to come. I had 2 choices on getting here from New Jersey. I could either go way around the waterway which would have taken an additional 30-60 minutes plus the cost of gas and tolls, or I could bite the bullet and pay an outrageous fare to cross the waterway at Cape May by ferry. At $55, to me that is an awful lot of money to cross compared to $35 for the long crossing across Lake Champlain in New York. I decided to opt for the ferry anyway to save time and enjoy the adventure of crossing my trailer over again.

When we arrived at the terminal, I had my internet reservation in hand, You save a couple bucks booking online. I put the cat in the trailer when we parked in the ferry lane since it was cooler than the car, I had cooled it down special before I left the campground just for this. They offered to let me depart immediately on a ferry that still had room but I chose to wait until my appointed time so I could check out the ferry terminal and because leaving earlier would have dropped me into the next resort too soon prior to their check-in time. I have to say the Cape May ferry is a real class act. It is ultra comfortable inside the lounge areas which have comfy seating and TVs everywhere. It has a nice gift shop, arcade, food, and restrooms on board. After touring the entire ship, I went back down to the car deck, opened my trailer door, closed the screen door, popped a soda, and kicked back on my couch with the dang cat. Now that’s the way to travel! We both enjoyed it very much and I could see the folks in the motorhome behind me doing the same thing.

Off in Delaware, the drive through the country and beach community was lovely. It’s a good thing I checked google maps before going there as the resort address is on a street that actually exists in at least 2 different places in Millsboro. I stayed at Leisure Point Resort. This is the first resort with full-timers that I have seen where the entire resort looks clean, inviting, and NOT like an old trailer park. They have rules and they enforce them. The full-timers can landscape but they can’t just throw up any old shack addon they want and all the trailers looked nice. The park provides cement patios in several sites, fencing around some, tables, and fire rings. I enjoyed camping next to a waterway with boats tied up in the slips. It was a beautiful view. The camping area road is gravel which was a nice change from all the dirt I have seen.

I took just a little time to see Reheboboth Beach and the remains of the WWII lookout towers. There is a lifesaving museum there and the state park camping area looked very inviting, like a typical beach campground but with utilities. Dinner at TGI Fridays capped off a very nice stay.

While there, I dropped in at the nearest tire dealer and got my SUV tire fixed very quickly and put back on the car.

The only bad part about my stay was that it was too short. I couldn’t get my usual 7 days as it was completely full for the weekend. I found out why after I arrived there. NASCAR was coming to nearby Dover, DE. EEK! Had I known that when I booked it, I would have also immediately booked the state park for 2 days. It is extremely hard for me to move on a day where I have worked all night and need sleep so I was hoping to slip into somewhere close for a couple days. I also had some other personal issues going on so it was pretty stressful. As it was, everything with electricity, wifi or good aircard signal, and reasonably priced was booked solid. I would have liked to have gone to Chincoteague to see the wild horses but Sprint has no signal there and the parks don’t have wifi throughout them. I ended up having to go to Maryland to a regional park there for a couple days.

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