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Defuniak Springs, FL

Sunset King Resort is one of those idyllic lake resorts we all dream of going to with fishing, a wonderful heated swimming pool, a porch with lots of rocking chairs overlooking the lake, cabins for rent, active clubhouse and restaurant, pavilion, miniature golf, it’s own chapel for Sunday church services, crafts for sale, private combo bathroom/shower rooms, cable TV, very good Wifi for a fee, etc. It was quite relaxing and enjoyable. It has earned top honors from campground associations and deserves them.

Dock and access road across the lakeGazeboClubhouse porch above the pool

I was definitely buggered that I couldn’t go in the pool due to an injury. It was perfect. One night I sat on the porch above it rocking while a lot of kids were in it at 8pm. It reminded me of growing up with our own pool in California. We used to go swimming before bed time on hot summer nights. It’s guaranteed to make you sleep sound. I sure wish I could have joined them.

Pool and lakegreat pool area

Friday night they showed an outside movie. I haven’t been to one of those in a long time. The outdoor theater has a large white painted wood screen and an excellent speaker system with benches all around. Unfortunately, the nice family film I was expecting turned out to be Transporter2 which is way too violent for a family campground and not something I want to see while chilling out.

Outdoor movies

I actually went to church on Sunday since they made it so easy. The service was very nice. I could have done without the ridiculous smell of too much powder, hairspray, and perfume the older women are still wearing. I sure hope my generation has gotten past that because it really hurts my nose and makes me hack.

They play cards or bingo in the clubhouse every night. Another game they play here every day is Holey Boards. They have big boards covered in artificial grass carpet with 3 large holes in them. You stand on the end of the board and toss giant heavy washers into the holes in the opposite board like horseshoes.

Holey boards

I saw another cute golf cart at the resort. Just have to show you  that.

Interesting golf cart

I took a drive over to nearby PonceDeLeon Springs. The state park there has an excellent fresh water spring swimming hole with patio as well as stairs and ladders nto the water. They even have a concrete overhang you can sit on or jump off of. Since it too had been flooded recently, the bugs were abundant but the swimmers did no seem to care.

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