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Bushnell, FL

Finally made it back to Sumter Oaks in Bushnell, FL an Escapees park. I had such a good time there last year with all the planned activities and wonderful people that I wanted to get in some time there again. I must say it was obvious here that many RVers are not on the road this winter. There were far more open spaces than last year. That was a bit sad though the park was still fairly full. They lost the person who ran the jam sessions last year on Friday nights so now the sessions are on Tuesday afternoons which does not work with my schedule at all. It is nice that they offer food at the sessions now though.

Met more nice people and at least one person I had seen there last year. Got my Escapee hugs both when coming and going. 😀 Last year they taught me Mexican Trains. This year they taught me Pokeno and they have an active Skipbo group going. The puzzle table is still quite active too. Of course, I did a little geocaching in the area too which has a LOT of caches including one .4 miles from the park that kept winking at me and daring me on my GPS.

The main reason to go there is for the Webster and Beauville fleamarkets. Webster’s is HUGE!!! It would take months of Mondays to see it all. I just went through all the covered stalls up front on 3 different days and managed to wear myself and my wallet out. Great deals abound there. $1 for used VHS tapes to replenish my library with new/old titles. $10 for 600 thread count egyptian cotton sheets (very popular). Any tool or repair item you may need for pennies. Tons of tshirts and sweatshirts. Puppies and birds. Shamwow shammies for $1.25 a large sheet. Cool window stickers that look like etched glass. Just about anything you want can be found there including fresh vegetables and hot food. Webster is very crowded but I had no problem finding what I wanted and didn’t know I wanted. 😉 Beauville is smaller but also a very good fleamarket. Parking at Beauville is free while Webster charges $2-$3 for parking. Be prepared for traffic jams long before reaching either market. Both are open on Mondays only from around 8am-2pm.

Webster Fleamarket

I took some time to go to Weeki Wachee Springs to see the mermaids. That is not a typo. Yes, they have mermaids. While I would not fly to Florida just to see this small theme park, it is definitely worth a day of your time to see if you are in the area. I enjoyed the Little Mermaid show very much and the boat tour. The water is so clear and pure that you can see the bottom. The bird show was pretty good too and I went on the little train. I even got to become a mermaid for a short time and hang out with King Neptune.

Mermaids!Mermaid sistersLittle Mermaid and her PrinceWeeki Wachee Springs

Bird showTrainKatrina the mermaid

While I was staying in Bushnell, one of my tires suddenly shredded while coming off the nearby I75 freeway. Fun fun. I could have done without that. Now I have to hunt up a replacement tire. 🙁

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