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Apopka, FL Birthday Celebration

Back down to Sun Resorts in Apopka to celebrate my birthday at Disneyworld FREE! I’m no fool. Somebody offers me a $79 ticket free, I take it! OK, so I had to pay for dinner, a scooter, and my nick knacks. Big deal. 😀

It didn’t start off well. I got to the resort in very fast time and they let me check in early. However, despite having a reservation 2 months in advance which is something I never do, they put me in the woods area with no sewer or cable hookups so no TV. Just getting into the spot was impossible because the road inside the resort is so darn busy and narrow. Luckily, a real relaxed pro came along and slipped it into the site for me. Whew!

The office told me reservations make no difference when using C2C to camp there. You get what is available when you get there. Geez! I was not at all happy since I even took vacation time off for this one and it was special. I spoke to someone else in the office the next day and was able to move into the other area with still no sat dish through the trees but cable hookup at least. Sewer hookup was nice too though really not the issue for just a week. While in that spot, I got to help a young man fix his electrical issue. Poor guy was not an RVer and just staying there in someone else’s rig. I showed him where the breaker box was and that he had tripped the breaker.

I spent an entire day at Disneyworld from 9:20am to 10pm. I wasn’t that crazy about going alone but hey, IT’S DISNEYWORLD! The line to check in for a free ticket was actually somewhat long. A lot of us were born on that day. Talk about a party! They gave us each a special pass card and a birthday button with our name on it. Wear the button no matter how old you are. I got told happy birthday by name at least 1,000 times that day by every visitor and staff member in the place. Not once did I feel alone that day.  I also got sung to by the staff at the Disney restaurant, a first for me, and candles in my apple pie and ice cream. 😀 It was great! I highly recommend spending your birthday at a Disney park this year.

Happy Birthday to me!Main StreetThe Ball

I rode the flying carpets, Thunder Railroad rollercoaster, Splash Mountain 2x, the tea cups where I shot a dizzying video, Carousel of Progress, the rafts over to Tom Sawyer’s Island to knock about through caves and over a suspension bridge and barrel bridge, the train around the outskirts, the monorail, etc. Got my picture taken with Goofy. Caught the Country Bear Jamboree and a couple of Parades. I had a great deal of fun during one of the parades with a duck bill whistle/quacker I purchased in Tomorrowland. Instead of clapping, I really quacked them up and as loud as possible. Mickey and Minnie were shocked and amused. Mary Poppins was laughing. Donald Duck got a big kick out of it. Tee hee. Always wanted to do that. Knock another one off the bucket list. 😉 A guy came running up to me afterward wanting to know where he could get one. LOL So, if you are reading this Dale, David, or Vicki, see what fun (or humiliation) you missed! Muwahaha! I too am like a box of chocolates…

DumboSplash MountainBear Country JamboreeMickey and Minnie on parade

The end of the day came all too fast. I could have gone for a couple more hours definitely if only in my mind. They sent the fireworks soaring at 9pm into beautiful clear skies that had only just started to bring a slight shiver of cold to the body. The castle shed it’s colors in chameleon style as the rockets and whizzers exploded in the most glorius displays. Now that’s the way to end a good day of another year of living. As soon as it ended, the great crush began as the crowd headed for the exit and souvenir shops. Once I returned the scooter and exited the main park, I opted to sit on a bench and enjoy the lovely night air for a bit while the crowds imitated a New York City subway up by the monorail. I shuffled on home eventually.


For some cool pics, click here.

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