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Katrina Gets a Scooter!

Sounds like a great movie doesn’t it? OK OK. I have been riding my brother’s Ezip 1000 scooter a lot recently and like everyone else who sees it, have been drooling all over it. Now 1 scooter divided by 2 people and 8-10 hrs. to charge just doesn’t work. Aside from the . . . → Read More: Katrina Gets a Scooter!

Another Day in RV Land

Went for a 2 hour ride on brother’s new (used) eZip scooter. Finally got to see several miles of the trail behind us and then rode the trail between the lake and the airport. Beautiful ride and made it all the way to the control tower. Dang scooter can go 15-20 miles . . . → Read More: Another Day in RV Land