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Still No Gate

Still no new gate. Got one offer to work out of my truck but turned that down. Just sitting here waiting and working on my other businesses. Getting some sub work for other guards now and then.

Did finally have to give in after 2 months and start working from my truck for a few days here and there for workover rigs. Nice having the generator in the back of my truck to run a heater and electronics. I watch movies and old TV shows all day (12 hours) on my tablet with Amazon Prime. Not much traffic with workover rigs. They put a portapotty at each location for me. Still sucks big time and it is tearing up my truck seat jumping in and out. Gas to drive to location every day is also a killer. When I get home, I have just enough time to refill my water jug, make tomorrow’s lunch, eat dinner, shower, and go to bed.

I got one gate for a couple days where I had to put my portable air conditioner in the back of the truck and rig up a tunnel over my truck box to the back window to stay cool enough all day. Another gate I had to pull my trailer down near Laredo for a couple days to handle it until the couple they hired could get there. Way too busy for me to stay but I survived. Long way down a dirt road. Trailer wasn’t happy about that. And yet another gate I was supposed to work for a day, after driving just my truck down a very dangerous road in the dark through construction, got canceled just as I arrived. At least they paid me for the day.

Still waiting…

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