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Idaho Tales

I had a week to see my son, his wife, and my granddaughter in their new house in Idaho. The house they bought is a large two-story Victorian. It came with a nice front porch which my son rebuilt, a large rear patio, a two car garage, a carport, a fenced area for possible boat storage later, two old brick cold storage sheds, and a small mother-in-law house in back. The little mother-in-law house needs a lot of repair but his wife’s mother and I are already calling dibs on a possible bunk bed to share. I called the top. LOL. In the big house, they remodeled with beautiful reddish wood laminate flooring and a new on demand tankless water heater. Very nice.

Son's house

My granddaughter wanted to go geocaching so we spent one day running around finding several geocaches. We missed the big one near the Wal-Mart but I went back later to find it and scored a Pinky ball from it. There are a lot of geocaches hidden around the Silver Valley. I used my phone for the first time instead of using my car GPS. It worked very well. I still think the GPS gets you closer but phones work when you have some experience in what to look for.

The girls had a night out at the 1313 Club in Wallace for dinner. It was very good as always. I used a coupon from Restaurant.com to make it very inexpensive and used their phone app for the first time to show the coupon. They had no problem with that. Definitely better than carrying around paper coupons as long as you can connect to the Internet. Previously, we had tried to go there but got there after they closed so the family and I ate at The Brooks which has not improved with age. I doubt we will eat there again.

I met with my real estate agent who is trying to sell my house in the area. I LOVE RVing full time and have no intention of ever living in a sticks and bricks house again. The agent found some possible buyers and an interested renter. The house would need a lot of work though. Several years of Idaho winters with no one living there have led to rust on many things and much of the house was never completed when it was rebuilt since I just wanted to live in it and didn’t care about all the little things. It was useable and I figured the next owner would have more choices to make it the way they wanted it. It all had to be completed now though for a renter to move in or for buyers to see it’s true value. Today’s generation seem to be too lazy for do-it-yourself work. That’s a real shame. I also found the electric/gas company had pulled out their meters so getting services restored would not be easy and the county passed a water bond some time ago which was piling up costs for me but they never contacted me despite me making a point of giving them my mailing address when I left to hit the road full time. Geez! More about the house later.

As always, the week went by too fast. My friend, Bernie, came to pick me up at the end of the week and we took turns driving her car over to Seattle, Washington to hop on our cruise ship.

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