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HOT Thousand Trails Deal!

Thousand Trails, the well-known camping club with 80 great RV Parks across the US, has a an excellent special going on right now until April 20th, 2012 so you have to move fast. If you like camping or RVing or especially if you are a full-timer, you can save a bunch of dough right now with a Thousand Trails membership. There is no setup fee for the first zone and they will also wave it for a second zone ( a $795 value!) only through 4-20-2012. The annual dues are $499 which you can pay in a one-time charge or in 12 monthly payments if you commit to 2 years (24 monthly payments actually). For that, you can camp for 14 days at a time in some great resorts with pools, clubhouses, activities, security, camp stores, and so much more in some wonderful places. There is no nightly fee with this for the first 30 days a year of camping so for as little as $42 a month, you can camp for 14 days at a time free! After 14 days, you must be out of all TT resorts for 7 days and then you can go back into one. Once you have used up your 30 free days a year, they only charge $3 a night for camping to cover their expenses. Well worth it! Guests are allowed for a minimal fee of $5 per night for their additional car. They have 4 zones to choose from, Southwest, Southeast, Northwest, and Northeast. This is a deal you must see and consider. With prices of campsites going up and up, even in state parks, this deal makes that family vacation still affordable even with the cost of gas. Check it out at Thousand Trails .

As an extra kicker, members also get 30% off at Encore resorts.

BTW, they also have a zone camping program for you tent campers out there so be sure to check out that offer too if you are still into “roughing it”. That one is only $249 a year.

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