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Day at Sea

We slept very well and awakened to calm seas and lovely sunshine. Rather than hit the buffet for breakfast, we went to the Paris dining room. There, we were seated at a table with other guests for some entertaining conversation. Breakfast is the most “normal” meal they serve. They have cereal, eggs, pancakes, waffles, omelets, juice, sausage, bacon, hash browns, etc. I had steak and eggs which were delicious. Bernie had the Eggs Benedict. One thing the ship definitely does right is the portions of meals. They aren’t large which helps to keep you from over-eating. You can order more than one side or entrée but even those are kept small to let your stomach catch up with your eyes and avoid as much waste as possible. Be sure to order orange juice, hot cocoa, milk, or chocolate milk if you want it. They aren’t provided by default like coffee is.

Good news was announced. The trip back to Galveston last night would not delay us or change our schedule. They made up the time during the night so we would still arrive in Progresso, Mexico on time. We later heard that the passenger in distress was either a baby that had a seizure or a child that fell from one deck to another. Best wishes go out to him and his family.

After breakfast, we played a round of miniature golf. The course is very nice and laid out well so it isn’t too difficult for anyone but still fun. Clubs and balls are sitting right there for your use and don’t need to be checked out or in.

Miniature Golf With Bernie

We did some more ship exploration then donned bathing suits and headed up to Lido deck 9 and the 3 hot tubs there. As expected, the hot tubs tend to stay pretty full. It wouldn’t be so bad except for the all kids in them violating the rules. They are not supposed to be in there without a parent per the rules posted at each one and they play in them like they are swimming pools which is also forbidden. Expect to have to point out the rules to them and even kick them out if necessary. Other than the kids, the hot tubs really are wonderful with great views and they help a lot after walking the length of the ship back and forth all day.

Triumph Hot Tub

We did the slide for fun. It is worn but fun. Laying down on it works better than sitting.

I checked out the pool. It is well designed with benches all around, a wide wading edge, showers, and good depth. The pools aren’t large but do seem to be adequate. There are 2 on Lido and one aft which has a cover that opens and closes above it like some ball parks. The pools, unlike the hot tubs, are also filled with salt water and unheated. The showers next to them are warm and plain water to wash off when you are done swimming.

The most popular things to do on Lido around the pools is lay in one of the many lounge chairs, drink, play games, listen to a DJ playing very loud party music, and dance. There is lots of sunbathing, partying, and dancing going on there, especially during sail away parties. There is plenty of food available right there or in the buffet area inside.

Carnival Triumph SlideLido DeckMusic performer

Speaking of food, we tried a Guy’s burger for lunch. It is every bit as large, greasy, and delicious as they say online in cruise forums. Once you have your burger and fries, there is a condiment station where you can add the usual ketchup, mayo, pickles, and onions but they also have tomatoes, shredded lettuce, caramelized onions, mushrooms, etc. You can make it any way you like! The fries are also very good with a little seasoning on them but not too much. I wouldn’t suggest eating one of these every day. Later in the day and possibly all night long you will know why.

Of course, a day at sea or a dip in the hot tub is not complete without ice cream! There are soft ice cream and yoghurt machines on both port and starboard as well as fore and aft in the buffet area. They provide both dishes and cones. You can have chocolate, vanilla, or both twisted in some machines. Others have chocolate and strawberry. Eat all you want at any time, day or night. Go ahead, no one will tell on you. What happens on the ship stays on the ship.

That afternoon, we met up with a group of folks I met on Facebook. They were having a cabin crawl and poker run. Best $5 we could have spent! We all went to several different types of cabins they arranged so we could see what the various types had and looked like for future bookings. That was sooo informational! In the cabins, we found goodie bags with candy and alcohol drinks. We also picked up a playing card at each one for the poker run. Best hand at the end won the pot. I got a lousy pair of fives. 🙁

Later that evening we went to another show in the Rome Lounge. It was spectacular! I think the professional shows are the best or almost the best reason to cruise. We like the 7pm show every evening. It is always different.

This night was formal night in the dining room. There were photographers set up on several floors with different backgrounds to shoot pictures of us all in our best duds. Take as many pictures as you want. Bernie and I dressed up before going to the show then we got our picture taken and went to a late dinner. Bernie got the lobster and I ordered the prime rib. Yum! It was fun being dressed up for one night and seeing everyone else in their best. For fun, we also painted our nails and wore dress sandals to show them off.

After dinner, we went to the casino to listen to a great live country band before heading off to bed. If you have the stamina, there is music and other activities going on most of the night. When you return to your room for the night, you will find your bed turned down, a different towel animal, and chocolates. Who knew going to bed could be so exciting!

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