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Lesson From Africa

The sun rose early today, perhaps in anticipation of the long day ahead, and it was hot… oh so hot. Thankfully, there was a strong, cooling breeze blowing across the golden savannah as my jeep bounced along for miles following a large herd of gazelles happily skipping along enjoying the heat. With my . . . → Read More: Lesson From Africa

Goodbye Water Bottles

As a gate guard, I live in my RV out in the boonies on other people’s ranches far away from RV parks and the usual amenities such as full hookups. My guard company provides a support trailer with a huge (and rather noisy) electric generator on it to provide me with power and . . . → Read More: Goodbye Water Bottles

Homemade Wi-Fi Booster

Having a problem getting enough Wi-Fi signal out in the boonies or at the back of an RV park? A booster is just what you need. Here is one solution, complete with a printable template to make your own booster:

DIY Wi-Fi-Booster

. . . → Read More: Homemade Wi-Fi Booster

Gelin’ and Foamin’

Yep. I’m gelin’! No, I’m not talking about Dr. Scholls. I’m talking about my bed. While on vacation a few months ago, I picked up a 3″ thick gel memory foam topper for my RV mattress. I have had the RV mattress for around 9 years now and it has never been particularly . . . → Read More: Gelin’ and Foamin’