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Still No Gate

Still no new gate. Got one offer to work out of my truck but turned that down. Just sitting here waiting and working on my other businesses. Getting some sub work for other guards now and then.

Did finally have to give in after 2 months and start working from my truck for . . . → Read More: Still No Gate

More Power!

Champion 4500 W Generator

The last thing I picked up before heading home from my vacation was my very own portable generator. My 5th wheel didn’t come with one. Since I live off a company generator full time while guarding gates in the Texas oilfields, having a backup power source is critical for when the main generator . . . → Read More: More Power!

Propane Tank Transport Solved!

One RV chore I really hate is refilling propane tanks. It ranks right up there with vacuuming for me as a true pain in the you-know-what. First you have to wrestle the tank out of the outside cabinet it is stored in. Space is tight in there and you have to get it . . . → Read More: Propane Tank Transport Solved!

Back to Texas

I arrived back in Texas late in the afternoon. I was happy to see my truck unharmed and ready to go. After paying for a month of parking (OUCH!), I drove back to the Rio Guadalupe campground in Canyon Lake, Texas to pick up my trailer from storage and spend a night or . . . → Read More: Back to Texas